Teacher Appreciation + End of Year Gift Idea

Next week is teacher appreciation week and the end of the school year is quickly approaching. I am a huge advocate for treating your teachers as much as you are able. They are so crucial to your child’s success and play such a big role in shaping your child’s life.

Generally, I try to participate in any breakfast/lunch/treat cart donations happening during teacher appreciation week and save my gift for the end of the year. My two go-to gift ideas for teachers are either things I think they will love for their “off” time or gift cards. I’ve been told you can never go wrong with a gift card and a handwritten note from your child goes a long way as well.

This year I went with a Summer fun theme gift and grabbed a few of my personal favorite items all from Target. You can see the finished product below along with links for everything I put into the drink containers. The drink containers and the ‘Cheers’ koozies are from the Bullseye’s Playground section, so I was not able to link those. I also included a gift receipt in case they would like to swap or return anything. I plan to tie a cute ribbon and a thank you gift tag around the top of the container. You can find a Reel with each item up close on my Instagram linked here.

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