At Home Mommy-and-Me Spa Day

After sharing my four-year-old’s recent request to “do the thing where you put pickles on your eyes,” and our subsequent spa day; I received a few nudges to post exactly what we did for our fun and relaxing day. I actually LOVE it when Ella asks for this activity because it’s not difficult to set up, it’s fairly relaxing for me, and it makes her feel super special!

Every time I go to Target I try to pick up a few “spa necessities” to have on hand.

The Necessities

The Setup

I setup this extremely simple display for Ella to come into, which made her very excited. We started the spa day with a bubble bath for Ella and a long, hot shower (hallelujah!) for me with candles in the bathroom and mellow Disney songs on Spotify.

We also made “spa water” with cucumbers and lemon and I served it to Ella in a sparkly wine glass. Which of course, she loved! I also set up a small snack tray for her.

The Activities

After our bath and shower session, we put on robes and did the sheet masks. Ella just started liking these, which I find amazing.

Finally, we did manicures and pedicures to complete our spa day. My favorite polish for Ella is the Sally Hansen Insta Dri line which dries super quick since she can’t sit still for long.

I hope you found these ideas helpful and I hope you try out your own spa day soon!

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