Good Things Come In Three!

Our family’s grand finale is due to join us early March and we couldn’t be more excited!

After debating for months on adding a third to our crew, the decision was made for us with a surprise pregnancy! I am a very planned person to say the least and this was a major shock for us, but truly I am so very thankful it happened this way!

The First Trimester

I have had extreme nausea with both of my other pregnancies, but this one really took it to a whole new level. In fact, I was so sick and loosing weight from being sick in the beginning that I actually had to start taking medication to make it a bit better and be able to eat. Even scrolling Instagram on my phone would make me horribly sick! (Which is why I’ve been so absent off and on!)

While I’m no longer tossing my cookies all the time, I do still feel pretty terrible most days all day long. I am really hoping for a little relief in the coming weeks! Here are a few things that helped my nausea in my past pregnancies:

  • Preggie Pops
  • Tangy drinks like limeade or lemon water
  • Eating smaller meals more often
  • Making sure to eat before I get extremely hungry
  • Drinking extra water even when its nearly impossible
  • Short workouts

If you are suffering from a tough first trimester (and beyond) my heart is with you 100%. I know it’s awful, even more so when you add in other children, and there isn’t much that helps. Hang in there and try to remember how worth it the end result is!

As for Ella and Cole? One of them asks every day when March will come. The other gets very angry every time he asks to see the baby in my belly and I can’t deliver!

I will keep you guys updated as we move through this special time – my last pregnancy ever! Hopefully I’ll be able to post more often and start feeling better! Have an awesome Labor Day Weekend!

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