The BEST Maternity Jeans

Can we all just cut the crap and agree that maternity jeans in general SUCK!? With both of my previous pregnancies, I’ve pretty much lived in leggings and dresses. It may have taken me three pregnancies now, but I am here to tell you that I have FINALLY found an amazing pair of maternity jeans. This post is in no way sponsored, I just feel obligated to share when I find something that is truly gold!

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I have always been a fan of the brand Blanqi. I love their maternity and non-maternity leggings. Their maternity tank tops with built in belly and back support basically got me through my third trimesters both times and I’m already wearing them now to help with round ligament pain.

When I was shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale early on in my pregnancy, I also decided to search for any maternity items on sale. When nothing really popped up, I browsed the non-sale items and these jeans stuck out to me. Since I knew I already liked the brand, I decided to give them a try, fully expecting that I would return them in the end.

I’ve tried several different brands of maternity jeans (Madewell, Target, Motherhood Maternity, Pink Blush, Old Navy) and have hated every single one. They never stay up where they should, giving you that saggy crotch look. They are sometimes too tight on the lower belly causing major discomfort. And for a tall girl like me, they are always, always far too short. The Blanqi jeans? Freaking amazing! The over belly band is so comfortable and has the built in back and belly support just like their tank tops and leggings. The jeans actually fit in my normal size and stay up where they are supposed to. I’ve even been asked several times if I’m wearing non-maternity jeans because you can’t even tell they are maternity! Such a score – do yourself a favor and check them out if you are expecting!

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