FREE “I Spy” Printables

In these strange times, it often seems like there isn’t much to do with your kids on a daily basis. If you are like us, you were used to constant play dates and outings and are now searching your creative brain daily to come up with activities to keep the kids busy. One of my current go-to’s is a walk, bike ride, and even a run with my kids to get them outside and recharge our minds. We often play a classic game of “I Spy” while walking, mostly in an effort to stretch it a little longer and take up more time.

I thought it would be so fun to create and offer you printables so that you can play your own game of “I Spy” while you are out on your walks, or even from the comfort of your home. Of course, I had to make them semi holiday themed, in line with the seasons, because my life basically revolves around which holiday is up next! Each printable includes a variety of items to look for that are easy enough for a one year old and should challenge kids up to five.

My kids’ favorite way to use these printables is to print them out and carry them around on a clipboard, checking off each item as we find it. I hope you enjoy this activity! Click on each picture to download and print. 🙂


Ideas for objects staring with the letter A: Acorn, Apples, Autumn


Ideas for objects starting with the letter C: Cookies, Candle, Chimney, Candy Cane


Ideas for objects starting with the letter G: Grass, Garden, Green


Ideas for objects starting with the letter W: Water, Watermelon, Waterpark, Warm, Wildflowers

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