Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2023

One of my favorite days is coming up in two weeks – Mother’s Day! I love celebrating all of the awesome mama’s in my life, even if it’s just with an appreciative text. Mom’s are just the freaking best. 🙂

While gift giving on Mother’s Day is certainly not necessary, it is so nice to get a gift that was well thought out and loved. I’ve compiled a few different lists of items for the mama’s in your life, mostly free from cheesy sayings and hopefully items she will be able to use every day. All of the items are things I personally either have or would love to have and most can be found on Amazon! (A few are from Etsy though, so if you see something you like make sure to jump on the ordering!) Click on the picture of the item underneath the collage to shop. You can also shop the collages all in one spot here.

**As always, my links are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you choose to use my link for your shopping. This will not increase the price at all for you.

For All the {Best} Mama’s

  • 5 Piece Mask Set – A friend gifted this to me for my birthday and I loved it. It includes masks for your hair, face, eyes, lips, and feet. It made my regular face mask night feel like an all out spa night.
  • ‘In My Mom Era’ Shirt – Swiftie moms, need I say more?
  • Cocktail Mixers – 12 different clean ingredient cocktail mixers.
  • Initial necklace – Still one of my favorite jewelry pieces by Made By Mary. Their customer service is wonderful and you can add an initial for future kids.
  • Personalized Picture Frame – Snap some photos of the mom in your life or set her up with a mother’s day mini session and gift her this adorable frame! I love how you can change out the center wording.
  • Mama sweatshirt – I love the names on the sleeve so, so much!
  • Nespresso – Moms deserve great coffee! We’ve had our eye on this one for a while.
  • A great book – I finished this particular book recently and loved it. Better yet – gift her the book and then send her off for a few hours to read in silence.
  • Shower steamers – An easy way to elevate those precious shower moments.

For the On-the-Go Mama’s

  • Rifle Paper Co Coffee Mug – A pretty to-go mug makes school drop off 100% better.
  • Packing cubes – Packing cubes are just the best and this set is gorgeous.
  • Stanley Cup – Yes, I know they are over hyped but I have fully jumped on the bandwagon. I love this cup and I love only having to refill it once throughout the day.
  • Casserole carrier – Call me old but I would totally love to have this pretty carrier for all of the family meals and teacher breakfasts.
  • iRobot vacuum – One of my very favorite material possessions in my house. Seriously, it’s life changing.
  • Bogg bag – A more perfect swim/sports mom bag does not exist!
  • Air pods – Another one of my favorite material possessions. I use these almost daily for phone calls and audio books on the go.
  • Nail strips – The busy mom in your life likely has trouble getting in for a manicure. These nail strips are so quick and easy to use, especially in a pinch.

For the Fitness Mama’s

  • Air pods – I run with mine and also workout when babies are sleeping with them.
  • Push-up Board – For the home workout mama, place the handles in multiple positions for the ultimate push-up workout. This looks so cool to me!
  • Carhartt Hat – Hats are necessary for a fitness mama… or any mama really.
  • Nike Shoes – I have these in an all hot pink flavor and definitely feel like they take my workouts up a notch. 😉
  • Acupressure Mat – I’ve heard such great things about these mats. I think it would be so nice to use at the end of your day or following a workout.
  • New workout set – A new workout set is always so motivating to me and this set from Target is a great price.

For the Grand Mama’s

  • Mama Sweatshirt – You can get this same sweatshirt with any ‘Grandma’ name on the front and all of the Grandkid names on the cuffs!
  • Crocs clogs – These would be perfect for the Grandma that likes gardening. While they are Crocs, the clog look makes them a bit more elevated.
  • Coffee Spoon – My husband/kids gave this to me last year and I still love it!
  • Birth Flower Necklace – I love this different take on the birthstone necklace for the Grandkids.
  • Hand Cream Set – So luxurious looking! This would be perfect for a Great Grandmother.
  • Grandma Book – If you haven’t read this, it’s incredibly cute. It would make such a great gift with a picture of your kids with their Grandma and a note from the Grandkids on the inside cover.
  • Birth Month Flower Pot – This is beautiful with the Grandkids’ names on the side!

If you’re shopping for a mom this Mother’s Day, I hope this was helpful! And if you are a mom – Happy Mother’s Day! You put in the hard work day after day and you deserve to be celebrated big time!

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