2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

My first set of gift guides are here! I love to shop early so these are all things I’ve been eyeing, or already purchased, for my kids’ Christmas gifts this year. My gift guides are mainly focused around my three, but they do include some items for the opposite gender or just outside their age ranges.

Adults (husbands and mom/sister) and stocking stuffer gift guides are still to come!

**As always, my links are commissionable. If you choose to shop using my links I would be so super grateful! The price will not increase for you, but I may earn a very small commission.

Girls Age 5-7

  • Art Cart – This year Ella has decided to ask for her very own art cart and I am super excited about this gift! She could sit and do arts and crafts for hours. I bought this cart from Amazon and am going to fill it with a bunch of OOLY supplies, which I got on sale from Zulily.
  • Princess lego set – This was something she saw at Costco (definitely best price there) and asked for. My husband loves that our kids are into legos now!
  • Barbie lego set – This one is so cute. Now I need to find some lego storage!
  • High heeled shoes – She asks for these every year once she outgrows the last pair. I usually pair these with discounted halloween costumes for a fun dress up gift.
  • Osmo detective game – We love our Osmo game set and this will be a fun addition for her age.
  • Easy bake oven – She might be a little on the younger side for this, but I’m hoping she can use it for a while. She absolutely loves to help in the kitchen and is always asking to cook by herself.
  • Princess barbie set – Ella got these two years ago and they are still her most played with barbies.

Boys Age 3-5

  • Hot wheels track – We have officially entered hot wheels world! This set comes with track pieces so you can build your own track and I like that it is also storage.
  • Dino hot wheels – Dinosaurs and hot wheels mixed, a no brainer.
  • Optimus Prime RC – Cole is going to freak over this! Another Costco find if you shop there – I’ve linked another option if you don’t!
  • Story pal – I’ve been wanting to try Tonies for a while because my kids love to listen to stories. This is a cheaper option to try out before committing to a whole Tonies set.
  • Paw Patrol boat – Cole’s number one ask for Santa this year!
  • Paw Patrol lego set
  • Police lego set
  • Dinosaur take apart toy – We have this and Cole loves to take the dinosaurs apart and put them back together over and over.
  • Magna-tiles builder set – Magna-tiles are big in our house and I’m positive my boy will love this set!

Toddlers Age 1-2

  • Little People House – My youngest daughter loves playing Barbies. I am really excited to gift her this little people set so she can continue playing and I won’t have to watch her every move with the tiny Barbie pieces!
  • Barbie Little People car – How cute is this!?
  • Wheelchair little people set – I am a sucker for anything with representation. 🙂
  • Wooden garden – I’m pretty sure any toddler would love this!
  • Pig bank set – This is a toy we use in therapy and Bryn loves it. Lots of learning and motivation opportunities for us.
  • Beauty salon vanity – Bryn watches her older sister play makeup and I know she will love her very own play set.
  • Cleaning set – This has been a favorite in our house for at least four years now.
  • Walking Y Bike – A great starter bike for the youngest kids.
  • Mickey Mouse train lego set – Bryn needs to be included in the lego mania!
  • Peek-a-boo Minnie – Maybe a little young for Bryn but she is Minnie mouse obsessed right now, so I think she will love this.

Sibling Gifts

We love to gift a present or two to all three of the kids together each year!

  • Magna-tiles – Always a big hit in our house and I love this cute tree house set if you are just getting started with them.
  • Osmo – This is the starter set that we have and it’s been great for a few years now! Both of our older kids can use it.
  • Play kitchen – Still one of our favorite toys going on four years now. I love that this one is big enough for multiple kids to play and tucks nicely in the corner.
  • Shopping cart – I know the Target cart is popular this year, but this one is very durable and has tipping stoppers for new walkers.
  • Ride on car – A gift they are sure to love. Debating getting one of these for our younger two kids this year, if I could only figure out where to store it!
  • Nintendo switch – I think we are now entering the gaming age. This is the set we are eyeing because we can play as a family and it seems there are a bunch of different game options for younger kids, but it can grow with us as they get older.
  • Adjustable dumbbell toy – Our kids love to “work out” with us. These are too cute!

Happy holiday season friends and best of luck as you start your shopping!

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