Lunchbox Favorites

Do you like packing lunches or is it a huge pain in your day? Last year, school lunch was free so I only packed lunch for Ella 2-3 times a week. This year, school lunch is no longer free and Cole is eating lunch at school so I am now packing lunch 4-5 times a week. I’d say it’s a definite love/hate relationship. Honestly, I rarely change up their lunches and end up packing the same four things every time. I make up for that big time with my added flair! I love to add in cute toothpicks, napkins, and lunch box notes. It takes only one extra second to throw these things in and I know it makes the kids smile.

About a month before each holiday, Home Goods always has amazing festive lunchbox items such as napkins, candies, and toothpicks. I like to stock up on these and also have some items from Amazon on hand for the rest of the year.

  • Bentgo Box – I love these for the age my kids are at now. I’m thinking we might need to upgrade to something bigger in the future, but for now they are so perfect.
  • Thermos – Great for sending pasta or soup for lunch.
  • Flatware set
  • Ice packs – I like that these ones are semi flexible and have held up really well for years now.
  • Lunchbox notes – These ones are great for pre-readers or early readers and you can add your own note to the back.
  • Lunchbox picks – Super fun for boys and girls and they are reusable.
  • Sandwich cutter – Not in the picture above, but I love this for making my own uncrustable sandwiches – especially for my picky boy!
  • Name labels – Also not pictured above. I use for name labels. I bought a preschool pack for each kid when they started 3’s preschool and the pack for Ella is still going strong three years later! I think the pack could easily last five years. Also, if you buy the pack with only your last name on it, it can be used for all of your kids!

Happy lunch packing! Only seven more months to go. hehe!

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