Five Favorite Hair Products for Busy Mommas

As a momma of two, time is one of the most precious things to me. However, I do still like to try to look halfway put together, even while I’m rocking my leggings and ketchup stained shirt. So today, I’m going to let you in on my five favorite hair products that take me from drab to… less drab (?) in a lot less time. Simply click the product photo if you would like more info.

Blue Shampoo

I try to go about three months in between salon appointments. Not by choice, because I LOVE getting my hair done, but more because it takes around four hours to get it done. That’s a lot of time to carve out of the schedule! I have some blonde highlights that get very brassy in between appointments which I definitely don’t love. I use this Matrix Brass Off blue shampoo about every other wash to keep the blonde pieces a bit more blonde and extend my time in between appointments. Blue shampoo is made for brunettes with highlights, which is different from purple shampoo made just for blondes.

Dry shampoo

If you’re a mom somehow living without dry shampoo, I hereby give you a standing ovation. I could not function without mine. A few years ago, I finally gave in to the advice most girls follow to not wash your hair every day. Mine gets greasy quickly, so I always found it was better to wash it every day. It’s made SUCH a difference and been insanely healthier since I started washing about every three days instead. However, in order to go that long in between washes, I need to use dry shampoo almost every day. I use Batiste Dry Shampoo Divine Dark which has a hint of color. I love the little bit of added color because it gives my hair a boost of shine and makes it look even cleaner. It’s also the only dry shampoo I’ve found so far that leaves my hair looking normal, rather than flat and frumpy.

Here’s a hot tip about working out and not washing your hair more often that I learned from one of my favorite IG bloggers (@heynasareen): I have generally been working out on my Peloton bike lately and sweating A TON. I was really worried I’d have to go back to washing every day again until I saw this tip. She literally blow drys the sweat out of her hair right after working out. Then, after showering, she applies her dry shampoo like normal. It sounds a little gross, but this has worked wonders for me!


As my hair gets longer, I’ve become so annoyed by brushing it after a shower. It was taking me 20+ minutes just to brush it out! I knew I needed to call in some guns bigger than my daughter’s detangler. I chose to try this Drybar Prime and Prep Detangler because it also has a heat protectant in it. While I usually let my hair air dry, whenever I do blow dry and style my hair, I basically always forget the heat protectant. I have been using this product a few weeks now and I absolutely love it! It now takes me about 5 minutes to brush my hair out and it smells amazing! I use it every day on wet or dry hair and it’s super refreshing.

Hair mask

Ok, this one isn’t so much a time saver. BUT, when you get those extra few magical unicorn minutes of time to yourself, or your husband tells you he has the kids so you can go and shower; a hair mask will change your life. It really gives your hair extra moisture and locks it in, making your hair feel like you just left the salon when you clearly did not. I like this one from Amika because it’s reasonably priced and will leave your hair feeling ridiculously soft and shiny.

Blow Dryer

I’m generally the $20 or less at Target kind of girl when it comes to a blow dryer. However, the last time my cheap blow dryer broke I decided I should at least slightly upgrade to try and get a little more longevity out of it. I saw a review for this BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Blow Dryer and gave it a try. After over a year of owning this dryer, I can confirm that it does actually dry my hair a bit faster and definitely gives it some added shine. But the best part? It is crazy quiet! If you are anything like me, you’ve made the easiest parenting mistake and your kids need near dead silence to sleep. I can totally dry my hair with this dryer while my kids are sleeping. Mom win!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my five fav hair products! Leave me your favorites in the comments. I’m a major product junkie and always down for a new product to try out!

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