Breakfast with the Pons – VDay Edition

Happy love day! As promised, I threw a special Valentine’s breakfast for the kids. We did this a few days ago since I’ll be working Friday morning (did you know I also have a full time job?? 😱 More on this to come!). Follow along for pictures and links to everything I used to create this easy and fun themed breakfast for the kids; as well as a minor mishap I had in trying to create this magic.

Printable Placemats

The highlight of our breakfast was this placemat printable I found from Lil’ Luna‘s site. I had them printed at Staples and they were the perfect addition to make the breakfast extra special. I wrote out things I love about each kid on them and it made for great dialogue while eating. It also led into the activity I shared about on my Valentine’s Haul post. We wrote out things we love about the world and our family members on red hearts and hung them from a family banner on the wall. It didn’t last long and by no means was perfect, but I felt it was a fun activity to teach gratitude and to love on each other a little extra.

Ella’s placemat
Cole’s placemat


For decor, I grabbed some fresh blooms from the grocery store and added those small inflatable balloons I shared about from Target dollar section. Our Valentine’s mailbox came from Hobby Lobby and painting it was one of the craft projects I did with Ella at the beginning of February. I repurposed our heart garland, from LoaLyInc on Etsy, which is usually in our book nook. I already had the pink cups and small cake stand on hand, but those also came from Target dollar section (basically the other love of my life 🥰).


Now it’s time for the story of my mishap… I bought the pancake molds from Target and was so super excited to use them. I’ve done shaped pancakes for the kids before, but usually just with a bottle of pancake batter and they never come out perfect. You guys, pancake molds are so. hard. to. use. I kept filling them too full so the top was too runny when i removed the mold and the bottom of the pancake was burnt. I had to make new pancake batter THREE times! Am I crazy for continuing to try to make these or what? 🤪 My kids were obviously starving by the time I finally got one set to somewhat work (although it was still slightly burnt). So I ditched the molds and continued with regular pancakes. For the other food, I picked up fun mini beignets from Whole Foods and cut up some fresh fruit and voila!

The breakfast did take a bit of planning, but overall was super easy and inexpensive to make a fun date with the kids. Ella turned to me (after I was feeling frustrated and discouraged over the pancake molds from hell) and told me it was the best, most special breakfast ever. So there you have it, my job as a momma is done. Although I am wishing I included mimosas in this brunch. 😉

I hope you all have the best Valentine’s Day! I’d love to hear what you are doing in the comments. 💖

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