2020 Valentines Haul

Being the lover of holidays that I am, I’m already planning fun things for the kids this Valentine’s Day. Connor and I aren’t big into exchanging anything more than a card on Valentine’s Day, so I try to keep it small for the kids also. The whole point of the day (really more like the week😉) is just to make the kids feel extra loved and celebrate love with them.

At the end of January I let Ella pick out a pack of valentines. Her preschool will exchange them, but we also like to send a few to family and friends. During the week of Valentine’s Day I will usually try to do a few fun themed crafts and activities with them. We have a book nook corner which will be filled with love and kindness themed books. I will also give them a themed t shirt earlier in the week or on February 1st so they can wear it longer then just a day. On actual Valentine’s Day I will throw them a fun breakfast and give them a small treat. I will plan to share pictures from the breakfast after it happens, but keep reading for what I have so far!

T Shirts

I purchased this year’s t shirts from a small shop I recently found on Instagram, Kind Kids Club. There are so many cute designs out there every year from Target and Old Navy, to small shops on Instagram. Since they are themed shirts, I strive to not spend a lot on them but also find something unique and fun. The Kind Kids Club shirts I found this year are definitely designs we can wear year round and with the discount code BFF15, they were $30 shipped for both shirts.👏🏻

Photo from Kind Kids Club on Instagram.

For another example, last year’s shirts were from Charlotte and Ezra, also on Instagram.


I usually think of crafts as I go and use what we have in our craft closet (details on that coming soon!). But I have purchased a few things, all from Target dollar spot or the valentines section.

Instead of buying a garland for our valentines breakfast decorations, I purchased this $5 kit instead. We can decorate the hearts and then string them up for our own DYI garland. This would be super simple to make all on your own with some fun paper, but the convenience of having it all put together for you sold me.

I also got this super cute wood family garland that has clothespins on the back for hanging photos or notes. I thought we could help the kids write love notes or things they are thankful for on these red hearts and then hang them at our valentines breakfast. Cute decoration which can be used as a tradition every year and also teaches love and gratitude.

For another craft, I thought I would help the kids make “love bugs” out of pipe cleaners, felt hearts, and Pom poms. Ella is very into playing with figurines as families lately, so I thought this would be a fun twist for her. I will post a tutorial after we do this!

Gifts and Valentine’s Breakfast

These are the small gifts I picked up for the kids, each $5 in the Target Valentines section. The unicorn Nerds and giant pencil are for Ella, and the tool chocolates are for Cole. Too cute!

I’m a party supply hoarder, so we don’t need much to throw a fun Valentine’s breakfast. I picked up these $1 heart shaped plates and couldn’t resist these fun mini balloons. I will post some pictures of our breakfast after the day. 🥰

❤️ – That’s it for my Valentine’s haul! I’ve probably spent less than $50 on everything which is good for me. I tend to be a bit “extra” and throw the budget out the window when it comes to making magic for the kids. 😉 Working on that! Let me know what questions you have and tell me what you are doing for love day!

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