Fifth Birthday Barbie Party

Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

Ella requested a Barbie party for her fifth birthday. Yes, i do realize we are only three short months from Ella’s sixth birthday, but this was such a fun party and I just had to share it! Since her fourth birthday was spent in quarantine, I really wanted to give her a spectacular party. But… I was also three months postpartum and had a lot going on! I think this party was a great mix of ultra girly, over the top fun – with minimal effort.


You can’t go wrong with pink and more pink for a Barbie party! I got our decorations mostly from Amazon and went mostly disposable for everything. The easier the clean up, the better. I set up a fun and sparkly table for the kids to eat at and also used it for the activities. I spray painted babies breath flowers pink for a unique table centerpiece. If you haven’t tried this before, it works really well and is super easy. For the photo wall, I cut strips from large table cloths and tied them on a string. Then I hung three rows of these strings and taped balloons all around it.

Party decorations linked here.

The best and easiest decoration? Every single one of Ella’s Barbie’s!


This was a morning party, so I mostly served snack foods. We had fruit, vegetable, and cheese/meat/cracker trays. I also served circus animal cookies and goldfish in these cute pink cups. I ordered pink donuts from our local donut shop and displayed them on this awesome donut board from Amazon. We also served pink lemonade.

Since we ordered donuts, I wanted to save money and make the cake myself. I made a box cake in an oversized cupcake tin like this one. Decorated it, and then put one of Ella’s Barbie’s in the middle! It was very far from perfect (for starters, the Barbie did not fit all the way inside the cake) but she loved it!


When the guests first arrived, we had a glam station setup with jewels, boas, sunglasses, and hair extensions so they could “get glammed up”. My sister also so graciously gave each guest (multiple) temporary tattoos.

I only planned one craft activity, knowing that five year olds mostly wanted to just play with each other at a birthday party. I bought Barbie dresses from Amazon and also purchased puff paint, jewel stickers, and other decorations for the girls to decorate their own dress to take home. Most of them really loved this activity and it was fairly quick.

Activity supplies and accessories linked here.

All of our outfits linked here. I am not able to directly link my “Mommy” Barbie shirt, but it is from Sweetees. 😉

I hope you liked this party as much as I did! Leave me a comment if you have any questions at all. Next up, I will share Cole’s third birthday dino bash. Then we will be all caught up on parties around here… until Bryn’s first birthday next weekend of course!

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