Three Rex Birthday Party

Over the Summer our son, Cole, insisted we only call him ‘Dinosaur Cole’. When his third birthday came around, it was only fitting to give him a Three Rex birthday party. Most of the ideas were Pinterest finds and added really special touches that Cole loved.

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Since this was a Summer birthday, I knew the kids would mostly play outside. I decorated the outside with fun fringe curtains, which gave a lot of ‘bang for the buck’. I found the cutest party dinosaur decorations from Target and found amazing dinosaur balloons from Amazon. I blew these up and put them all over the house. The dinosaur party hats were also a fun touch for both the kids and the dinosaur balloons.

Last minute, I decided to make dinosaur tails for the chairs for an added special decoration. These were by no means well done, but they were super fun and easy to make! I cut triangles from felt and glued them into a cone shape. I stuffed the cone with stuffing and glued it shut. Then I cut a strap and dinosaur spikes from felt and glued those onto the cone.


On the sweets table, we had the classic dirt cups made with pudding and crushed up oreos. The cake was the chantilly cake from Whole Foods – a favorite for our kids. Of course, fruit snacks are a must for a three year old birthday party. I dressed up the desserts with mini dinosaurs.

We took the easiest route possible and ordered pizza. However, Cole’s one request for the party was a watermelon dinosaur head. After searching on Pinterest, I gave it my best effort!


My brother in law sent this amazing dinosaur sprinkler as Cole’s birthday gift, which ended up being the best activity for the party. We also hid dinosaur eggs in the sand box and had a dinosaur piñata. A disclaimer about the piñata – if you do not have a smart place to hang the piñata; maybe listen to your husband when he asks you to skip it. (hehe :))

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