Little Miss Onederful First Birthday Party

Rounding out our birthday party posts just in time for the next round to begin! Our youngest turned one in January. After searching for a different theme that wasn’t quite as overdone, I settled on a Little Miss Onederful theme with flowers and all of the girly touches.

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I love incorporating flowers into the decor. For this party I used both flower balloons and real flowers, along with banners I mostly had on hand. It’s a tradition for my mom (Grammee) to make the high chair for the cake smash and she did not disappoint with this ultra girly chair for Bryn. I also framed prints of Bryn’s cake smash photo shoot to use as decor throughout our house.

For a first birthday, my two favorite sentimental decor items are displays of a favorites/milestones poster and the monthly baby photos. I found templates for both of these on Etsy.


We ordered Jimmy John’s sandwiches (which I highly recommend), but I also wanted to do something unique for the party food. I made snack boxes for each party guest filled with a bag of chips, two different dips, and cut vegetables. The kids got their own snack boxes filled with goldfish, applesauce, fruit snacks, and sliced fruit.

Unfortunately, I had a major fail when trying to make Bryn’s birthday cake and cupcakes. I was going for a homemade strawberry funfetti which turned into a burned, sunken-in mess. Thank goodness Walmart was able to rescue me at the last second with decently cute, pink cupcakes and a mini cake. Also, thank goodness for my amazing friend Kari for bringing the most adorable homemade cake pops (without me even asking!) for the perfect sweet touch.

Party Favors

I’ve been trying to get away from party favors for the most part so as not to send children home with junk their parents may not appreciate. However, with our flower theme, I couldn’t resist after finding super cute flower lollipops and flower sunglasses, which I hope will last a bit longer!

And now, on to the next round of birthday parties!

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