Our Top 5 Favorite Toys

Today on the blog, I thought I’d do a roundup of our very favorite toys. My one year old and three year old have way. too. many. toys. Before every Christmas and birthday I do a huge toy purge, but we always seem to get that back and then some. We are blessed. However, the excess of toys sometimes actually makes it overwhelming when it’s time to play. It’s also easy to see which toys are the real favorites and which toys they could really do without. So, if you’re in the market for new play gear, here are my kids’ top 5 absolute favorite toys.

  1. Number one toy in our house is most definitely our Nugget Couch from Nugget Comfort. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a toddler size couch that can rearrange into a bunch of different shapes for play. We constantly use it for movie watching, we’ve made slides and forts with it, and use it as a stage for “performances”. The list of pros for this toy go on and on from it being imaginative and relatively safe, to it also being an extra piece of furniture for the kiddos in your house. The only cons are how fast they sell out every time they drop new nuggets and the larger price tag. Although, even my very skeptic husband agrees this was worth every penny!
  1. The play kitchen should most definitely be a staple in all households with young children. We gave our kids this kitchen last year for Christmas and it’s been used almost every day, especially by the one and half year old (who we are convinced is a future chef!). We love our Kid Craft Kitchen because it’s big enough that both kids can play, has a good amount of storage to hold a bunch of kitchen accessories, and tucks away neatly in a corner.
  1. Our newest favorite addition to our toy collection – this play kitchen sink. Cole is such a little water lover and he asks to play in the sink every 5 minutes. This toy has been crucial in giving us a solid 20 minutes of quiet, independent play time to make dinner or accomplish other tasks that don’t involve the baby. Pro momma tip – grab a Gathre mat for underneath the sink or for any other messy crafts and toys. Best mat to absorb liquid and keep the floor clean.
  1. The best toy for getting energy out? Definitelyyyy your own mini bounce house. Expensive? Yes. Worth it to ensure a good nap time during a snow day? Mega yes. We got this Little Tikes Jump N Slide bounce house about two years ago now. It’s been through countless play dates, birthday parties, and rough housing sessions and has not snagged or gotten a hole yet. It’s a good size for both our almost 4 year old and our almost 2 year old. It also frequently goes on sale!
  2. Last, but not least, is the Melissa and Doug cleaning set. Funny enough, Cole’s favorite toys have a common theme of cleaning. Ella received this toy for her first Christmas and loved it just as much. Super fun to play house with or even dance around with.

I’d like to give an honorable mention to a recent find – not technically for the kids but for the parents. If you’re like us, you have about a million stuffed animals that are cute and semi-sentimental but also take up a lot of space and don’t get played with often. In an effort to find a better storage solution for these, I found this stuffed animal storage bean bag chair. You stuff all of your plush toys into this big fabric bag and it becomes a bean bag chair! We are keeping ours in our playroom near the books for a cozy reading space.

Any toys you love that you’d like to share?

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