My Week of Peloton Workouts

In June I took on Robin Arzon’s 3 for 31 challenge. Run three miles or workout for 30 minutes every day in June. I was used to working out 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes, occasionaly 30. Initially, the challenge felt nearly impossible. I was exhausted and ridiculously sore and I felt there was probably no way I would be able to stick with the it. Three miles wasn’t even in my running capabilities, so mostly I was doing the 30 minute workouts.

About halfway through the month, 30 minutes magically got easier. By the end of the month, 20 minutes actually started to feel inadequate. I was even able to reach that three mile running mark. Upping my workouts, mixing in lifting heavier, and bettering my nutrition have finally helped me work in the direction of results and I am super happy about that! I always love when people share their workout lineups for the week, so here is mine from this past week!

I would love to start mixing in more weighted HIIT cardio and pilates for a lower impact workout. Leave me your workout suggestions in the comments!

AND if you are looking to invest in your own Peloton – use my code SYBFU9 for $100 off the accessories you will need. We are totally obsessed with our Bowflex adjustable weights – linked here. Also, somehow I have been missing out on the benefits of wearing a heart rate monitor! I just started this week and it’s been a total game changer for my output and my motivation. I bought a really reasonably priced one on Amazon – linked here. (Commissionable links)

Thursday – Jess Sims 45 minute Full Body Bootcamp

Friday – Denis Morton 10 minute Climb + Jess Sims Flash 15

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Susie Chan 45 minute Progression Run

Monday – Adrian Williams 20 minute Arms & Shoulders Strength

Tuesday – Robin Arzon 30 minute HIIT & Hills Ride

Wednesday – Selena Samuela 20 minute Glutes & Legs Strength

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