Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

**Links are Live!

The Nordstrom anniversary sale is my favorite sale of the year. If you’ve never shopped it before, you can always guarantee amazing deals on great quality items. This year is no exception and I am especially impressed with the baby and kids deals. The three things I ALWAYS snag during this sale are kids’ winter coats, kids’ winter boots, and fresh leggings for me. Keep reading for a preview of my picks. I will update the links as shopping becomes available!

If you already have a Nordstrom card, here are the dates to be on the lookout for. If you don’t already have the card, I highly suggest applying at least for this one sale! AND – don’t forget to schedule your points days!

  • August 4th – ICON level
  • August 7th – AMBASSADOR level
  • August 10th – INLFUENCER level
  • August 13 – INSIDER level
  • August 18th – Public Access

Baby Picks

Kids Picks

Women’s Picks

Men’s Picks

Home Picks

Happy Shopping!!

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