Back to (Pre)School

Our school hasn’t fully announced the plan for the year just yet and it’s so hard to know how to feel about the options. Thankfully, we only have to worry about Pre-K this year, but I know parents all over the world are wrestling with tough decisions surrounding back to school. When school ended early last year, Ella was SO resistant to “teacher mommy” and doing school at home. Since it was only preschool, I of course didn’t push her, but I still felt horribly for her. She’s been sad pretty much all Summer without school and without her teachers and friends.

We plan to start the school year out with as much normalcy as possible. This includes taking Ella on her annual solo backpack shopping date where we let her pick out her supplies regardless of the school situation. I also plan to set her up a desk at home along with our school supply station. I think we are all 99% sure there will at least be some distance learning this year, and it will also come in handy for homework as she gets older.

School Supply Cart | Flag Printable | School Supply Caddy | Acrylic Letters

No matter what happens this year, I’m determined to start things off on an extremely exciting note. It’s her last year partially at home before full time kindergarten and I want to make sure school is a positive and productive experience for her no matter if it’s in person or at home. The best way I know how to do that? With a back to school kickoff party of course!

So far we’ve heard that school will definitely have a delayed beginning. I plan to have our back to school breakfast party a few weeks before school actually starts. This way we can celebrate the year beginning and start doing some at home learning to get back into the swing of things.


The best part about these decor items is that you can use them every single year as you start a back to school tradition. I plan to also set out some school supplies and learning supplies we are in need of as “decorations”.

First Day/Last Day Chalkboard

Target always has the best selection of first day/last day chalkboards. You can also find personalized versions on Etsy.


Is there any other way to start school than with donuts?

First Day Outfits

If Ella goes back to in person school, I will usually snag her a dress from Alice + Ames or Sweet Honey. I also snagged her this incredibly adorable “Oh Hey Pre-K” shirt (pictured above) from The Dreaming Daisy. Her entire back to school collection (launching August 6th) is precious and you can save on her site with code Tristina10.

One thing is for sure, whatever decisions we make as parents will be the absolute right decisions for our families. Hang in there and know I’m here cheering you on!

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