Easter Basket Haul

I’m a little late in getting this out, but I wanted to share what the good ‘ol Easter Bunny will be bringing the kids this year! Good news is, most of these items or similar ones could be found on Amazon. With Prime shipping, you could still receive just about everything in time for Easter. Amazon Prime might be my very best friend in this crazy, chaos filled life. Not to mention, I have only about half my brain capacity left after two children, so it’s definitely saved my behind a time or two. Anyway, on to the Easter baskets! I bought new baskets this year since Cole obviously didn’t have one yet. When I couldn’t find a matching one (because they HAVE to match, duh) to the one Ella already had, I decided to get two new ones from Pottery Barn Kids. These will certainly last their lifetimes and I waited for a coupon code to make them a bit more reasonable. I also had them monogrammed with their names and went for the ruffle liner for Ella and the standard liner for Cole. The only thing I will say is that they are quite large, so if you prefer to do less on Easter, I would suggest getting the smaller sizes.

Toddler Girl Basket:

  • Two things I put in their Easter Baskets every year are Summer shoes and Summer pajamas. These are two things they need every year around this time, so they are great fillers while also being things they need and want.
    • Shoes – Native shoes. We love Natives for the Summer. Ella tends to get blisters from just about every shoe except these. They can also get wet without ruining the shoe, which is amazing. We’ve had a bunch of colors, but this year we went with the Pink Bling color and Ella will be obsessed! I got them on Nordstrom, but they are also sold on Amazon.
    • Pajamas – I went easy with Carters this year. For Ella, I found a super cute matching doll set. She’s very into nightgowns and ballerinas lately so she will love these pajamas.
  • Most of the fun things I found for Ella’s basket came from TJ Maxx and Target. TJ Maxx is a great place to get quality items that won’t become excess junk for a great price. The Target dollar spot and Easter section is also a great place for these things. This year I got a stamp set, pom-poms, bubble wand, Pinkalicious movie, chalk, Kinetic sand, bracelet and bath bombs.
  • Finally, I purchased three items from Amazon that I know Ella will die over.
    • Pink tumbler – She is always, always using my water bottle, so I wanted to get her a look alike that she can use all the time. We also go through water cups like crazy, so this is also a very practical gift.
    • Rainbow Umbrella – Ella loves the rain and loves to romp around in puddles. I think this umbrella will be such a fun addition for her and will also result in some cute pics. 😉
    • Chopsticks – We’ve been having a bit of a struggle getting Ella to eat lately (hello terrible threes?? Everything is a struggle now). I thought these chopsticks might make eating a bit more fun and be a little bit of an incentive to eat.

Baby Boy Basket:

  • Native Shoes again – for Cole we did Jiffy black.
  • Carters pajamas again – I went with a lightweight dinosaur onesie style.
  • For Cole’s TJ Maxx and Target items I went with Fubbles, bath toys, Kinetic sand, and a tabletop toy which I’m really hoping will be entertaining enough during the dinner cooking time of the evening.
  • I split up those Amazon chopsticks and put two in Cole’s basket. This is obviously more for show, but I’m thinking he may find these fun in the near future.
  • The last thing I did for Cole was this seriously cute bunny from Amazon. I can’t wait to see him snuggle it!

That’s a wrap for this Easter!!

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