Postpartum + Peloton

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I’ve been waiting to write this post for a year now. My original Peloton review post has been one of my most popular on this site and I desperately wanted to follow it up with an impressive postpartum transformation. While I’ve been working out with Peloton fairly consistently over the past year, I think I was waiting for some big weight loss result to share as a part of this post before I hit the ‘publish’ button. I have gone down a size in jeans since delivering our last baby, but overall, I am no where near where I would like to be from a fitness and size standpoint.

Then I started thinking, my postpartum fitness journey is not defined solely by the size of clothes I wear. My body has been through a tremendous amount of trauma the past 18 months. Fetal surgery and a C-section two months later have left me with little to no core muscles. Breastfeeding adds pounds to my body instead of taking them away. Trying to navigate the NICU, returning to work, adjusting to life with three children, and handling the every day needs of a child with different needs forced me to take time away from myself. To top if off, and to be completely honest, my nutrition has certainly not been a perfect picture of an individual trying to loose weight.

But we all have struggles. If I put all of those things aside, what I truly want is to convey is what Peloton has done for my postpartum life. I am clearly getting stronger every day as I inch closer and closer to my PR numbers. The effect on my mood and those around me is the biggest win for me.

Working out is my mental health break.

Somehow, I have become less a morning person as I age and more a night owl. This means I struggle to wake at the crack of dawn and get my workout done before my kids are awake. This also means that the best time for me to get it done is during their waking hours. My kids have come to learn that my 20-30 minute workout is “mom’s time.” They know that during this time, they are to entertain themselves and try their best to not bother me (it’s probably abut a 50/50 chance of that actually happening, but they do try!). On the weekends, my husband and I are sure to make time for each of us to get a workout in, often even a longer workout. It’s become such a habit at this point that we are both much happier when we make this a priority.

It doesn’t happen every day. I would say I get a workout in 4-5 days a week. Some days are too busy and some days I need a long shower or time to read instead as part of my “mom time.” That’s ok too! The point is that I am doing something that serves me and no one else but me.

My kids know what fitness is because of me.

My kids absolutely love fitness. They often ask for youtube workouts while I do my own workout or to come along on a run with me. I try my hardest to separate their “workout” time and my own because the best part is still getting time to myself. The underlying effect that my workout is motivating them to also love moving their bodies is so cool.

Peloton makes it easy to stay engaged and motivated.

Of course, having a solid workout life doesn’t have to include Peloton. It has become such a love in my life that I automatically love to share about it. There are so many different class options to choose from. Cycling, outdoor running, bootcamps, strength classes, cardio, pilates, yoga, stretching, kick boxing and even walking. When I start to feel unmotivated or bored, I try a different class or stack shorter classes together and I am immediately excited again. It’s truly not hard to want to workout when the instructors and music pull you in this much.

If all else fails, buy a new workout set.

It’s normal to find yourself in a slump. I certainly do from time to time. My quick fix for this may not be the smartest, but it is effective. I go straight for a new workout set and am instantly motivated again. 😉 Linked below are a few of my current favorites from Target. PS – that ribbed set is my absolute favorite for two years running now!

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