Our New Favorite Subscription Box

We’ve been getting (and loving) at least one children’s subscription box a month for well over a year now. For a child like mine who is resistant to learning at home, it’s been the best addition for us. It stimulates Ella and gives us both a fun activity to look forward to each month. However, at $20 or more per box, I have found that her interest has declined month after month and the activities usually only hang around a day or two before hitting the trash.

That’s why when Little Bookish Wardrobe reached out about letting us try their monthly curated subscription box, I could not have been more excited. This box is centered around a new book that has been specially chosen each month to teach a lesson or introduce something new into your child’s life. Not only do you get the new book, you also get a complete dress up costume that perfectly matches the main character of the book. To top it off, the box comes with a craft or activity for your child to do that also matches the story line of the book. Keep reading for a special coupon code at the end to try the box for yourself!

The Book

The June box came with the book Taylor Tiptoe, a story about a ballerina trying to land the lead part in the upcoming showcase. Taylor is the smallest dancer in her company and she tries to change herself to get the part. In the end, she realizes that she will be her best by being herself. Not only was this story perfect for Ella because of the dance theme, but I also loved the message about loving yourself and your differences.

The Costume

The costume was modeled after the main character in the book, Taylor. It came with an adorable polka dot leotard, striped socks, a bow, and blue glasses. Ella was extremely excited about the glasses. The leotard is really good quality and I feel like Ella could even wear it to dance.

The Craft

I though the craft was spot on for the story and for my four year old daughter. We were given a princess crown to decorate with jewel, shape, and letter stickers. I also thought this was a smart and thoughtful activity because it suggested adding your name to the crown with the stickers. This gave Ella an extra chance to practice those letters.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with this box. For kids that love to read and dress up, this box is a no brainer. We personally read three books every night before bedtime, so as the mother, I will be very happy to have a new book to read every month. You can choose a box catered to a girl or a boy, and there is even a discount for sibling boxes. You can also purchase individual boxes from past months if you don’t wish to sign on for the subscription. We will be signing up as paying customers for the future boxes and I can’t wait to get boxes for both kids!

If you’d like to try the box for yourself, use code mrstristinapon10 for 10% off your first month or box! Leave me any questions you have in the comments and happy Fourth of July weekend!

Website – Little Bookish Wardrobe

Instagram – @littlebookishwardrobe

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