Weekly Finds – Amazon 7.6

I hope you had a lovely long weekend! Time for a little Amazon action! Many of these items are ones I already own and absolutely love.

** Affiliate links are used and I receive a very small commission if you choose to shop through my links. 😊

  • Charcoal Facial Cleanser – I’ve been using this for about a year now and it’s been such a great find. It’s really helped me control acne.
  • Artificial Eucalyptus Plants – These would be gorgeous lined up in a kitchen windowsill.
  • Splash Pad – We just got this and for the price and the fact that no actual splash pads are open, it’s a no brainer!
  • Knot Headbands – I love these because they make you look like you put in effort to look nice, when really you probably have dirty hair underneath.
  • Women’s Pajama Set – I own these pajamas and they are by far my favorite. The shorts are flattering and the fabric is super breathable for summer.
  • Kid’s Pajama Set – Also an absolute favorite that we own! These come in such great flavors and hold up well.
  • Straw Sun Visor – Ok, these are so in right now and I really want to try one! Can I pull it off?
  • Milk Frother – I’ve had this in my cart for a while now and I’m going to finally pull the trigger! Upping my coffee game.
  • Bathroom Decor Box – This one made me laugh!
  • Layered Necklace – So simple yet gorgeous looking.
  • Princess Dress – These dresses are amazing because they aren’t so in your face. When your daughter asks to wear it out, you can be less resistant! We have this Belle version, but there are many options!
  • Outdoor Bar Side Table – This is such a cool alternative to a cooler!

Have a great week friends! ❤️

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