2023 Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is super early this year (April 9), so I am coming at you now with Easter basket ideas for girls, boys, and toddlers. A month out from Easter is the perfect time to fill those baskets. As the years go on and the budget continues to tighten as prices go up, I have realized that less is more for Easter baskets. Coming off of Christmas and two of my kids’ birthdays, I now prefer to mostly fill their baskets with things they will NEED for the upcoming Summer and a few things they may want.

All items are linked in the descriptions. As always, my links are commissionable which does not increase the price for you. When you shop through my links you may help me earn a very small commission.

  • Scribble Scrubbies – My kids love these, but I haven’t figured out how to keep them from getting disgusting over time from use. Three new sets was the perfect solution and even better, I got them on sale from Zulily. They are sold out now, but I found them for an equally great price on Amazon.
  • Crocs with Charms – We are NOT normally a Crocs family! They are all the rage right now and my kids have been asking for them non stop along with the decorative charms. When I started looking for Summer shoes to put in their baskets, I knew I wanted something they could easily slip on to and from the pool. Crocs just made (ugly) sense! I bought one pack of 50 charms that I plan to split between the three of them and I went with knock-off Crocs for the price point.
  • Bandaids – We are always in need of bandaids and this brand is my kids’ favorite.
  • Sunglasses – Starting to get Disneyland ready with these cute glasses!
  • Drawing Book – Ella is super into learning to draw right now.
  • Towel – We needed new pool towels, so I decided to make it part of the basket.
  • Water Bottle – Slowly upgrading our water bottles to larger sizes as my kids grow. This was a two pack on Amazon for a great price.
  • Swimsuit – Rufflebutts/Ruggedbutts make such great quality suits.
  • Bandaids
  • Crocs with Charms – Bryn wears AFO’s and Crocs are the absolute best over braces in the Summer, especially if water play is involved.
  • Play Food Set – While Bryn loves to color, she isn’t really at the coloring book stage just yet. She does, however, really love her junk food and playing in her play kitchen. I went with this play food set for her instead of a book.
  • Swimsuit
  • Water Bottle
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses – Ella had these when she was little and they are the cutest! The black part flips open.
  • Scribble Scrubbies

I hope these ideas were helpful! Leave me a link to any awesome items you are putting in your own kids’ Easter baskets. I always love to see the different ways we all choose to make the holidays great for our kids. Happy Spring friends!

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