The Busy Mom’s Guide to Looking Put Together

Hello out there! As you can probably tell by the fact that I haven’t posted in three months, it was a busy Summer! My first Summer as a full time stay at home mom and let me tell you – it was not easy. There was basically not a second to spare on any given day. We did have an excellent Summer though; filled with parks, pools, ice cream, a beach vacation, and lots of screen time. Now, it’s Labor Day Weekend. The kids are back in school, we are falling into our routines, and I’m getting moments here and there to breath. Bryn will go to Spina Bifida clinic and have a full spine and brain MRI next week. I will do an update on her incredible progress then, along with a vacation recap, and a few other fun posts I’ve been dreaming up.

Until then, I bring you ‘The Busy Mom’s Guide to Looking Put Together’. I really try my hardest to not look like I just rolled out of bed for school drop off or an outing. At Cole’s school you “get” to walk your child into the building, which means I don’t have the luxury of a car drop-off to hide my tired eyes and three day old hair. Below are my absolute favorite products I have found since becoming a full time SAHM. They are packed with maximum glow-up effectiveness and minimum effort.

*Click on the images below to shop the products. All links are affiliate links. This will not increase the price for you, but the retailer may pay me a very small commission for using my links.

  • Glow Screen – My favorite face sunscreen ever that will leave you with totally glowy skin. I use this alone or as a primer before makeup every single day.
  • Lumify eye drops – The ultimate secret for tired moms. Using these eye drops will take you from zombie status to well rested queen – at least on the outside.
  • Layering necklaces – I always think women look more put together if they make the effort to throw on jewelry. I especially love the look of layering necklaces and these two are such a great combo.
  • Good pair of neutral sneakers – Even if you are trying to look more put together, you are likely still going to throw on athletic wear most days, am I right? I think a good pair of fashionable, neutral sneakers brings a casual outfit together.
  • Mascara – Eye makeup is the tell tale sign of putting in effort to your appearance. I’ve pretty much given up on full eye makeup, but I do try to put on mascara most days. This one is great because one coat usually does the trick and it’s super inexpensive.
  • Beauty Balm – My most favorite recent drugstore find! I rarely have time for full foundation anymore. This beauty balm is amazing. Goes on like a moisturizer but actually gives a good amount of coverage. When I layer this with glow screen, I rarely need any other cover up makeup.

Thank you for following along! I’m so excited to be back in the blogging saddle and to bring more fun to this space more often!

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