Fourth of July Treats

As with everything else, Fourth of July is going to look quite different this year. Minimal bbq-ing and no fireworks makes my celebration heart sad. If you guys haven’t noticed yet, I love making holidays special for my kids and the best way I know how to do that is through treats and crafts. 😆


Ring Pop Popsicles

We’ve all seen popsicle molds but have you seen ring pop popsicle molds!? My kids thought I was the coolest person ever when I pulled these out. They are small and perfect for a small treat. I filled them with berries and then filled in half with yogurt and half with strawberry lemonade.

Red, White, and Blue Waffles

These were a hit on Memorial Day. I just mixed up pancake batter and separated into three bowls. I put blue food coloring into one bowl, red food coloring in another, and left the third bowl of batter plain. Then, I poured the three mixtures randomly onto my waffle maker. I think they turned out looking a little tie-dye! Don’t forget to top with sprinkles. 😉

Festive Fruit Tray

A healthier option for a festive treat. This can be arranged many ways using red and blue fruit, bananas, and yogurt covered pretzels.

Snow Cones

We got our snow cone maker last summer and admittedly don’t use it often. Fourth of July would be the perfect excuse to bring it back!

Ice Cream Sandwiches

These are super cool looking and can require little effort if you want. Take two cookies (store bought or homemade), scoop ice cream between them and roll the sides in sprinkles.

S’mores or Fruit Cones

Everything seems more cool to kids if it’s served in an ice cream cone. We did these s’mores cups a few months ago and they were equal parts awesome and less messy then regular s’mores. Just melt chocolate pieces and marshmallows in the cones in the ovens for a few minutes.

For fruit cones, we put cut up fruit in the ice cream cone and top with homemade whip cream and sprinkles. Possibly my favorite treat!

Activities and Crafts

Bike Parade

Two years ago on Fourth of July we participated in a bike parade with a friend’s neighborhood and it was amazing! A bunch of kids decorated their bikes and road through the neighborhood. I absolutely love this tradition and the best thing is, you can totally still do it in today’s world of social distancing – with or without neighbors.

DIY Sparkler Wands

If you can’t get your hands on real sparklers, or your kids are just too young for them, these are a fun and easy craft the kids can also help with. Grab a few decorations from the Target dollar spot and cut off sections. Next, tape individual pieces to a dowel until you have them all taped on. Tie some Christmas ribbon on to hide the tape and you’re done!

Other Ideas

If you are extremely busy, not into DIY-ing, or just plain are not feeling it, here are a few Amazon and grocery store options you can grab to make the day fun!

Shirts are @juneandgrey

I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July filled with yummy treats and extra time with those you love.

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