Children’s Books Featuring Racial Diversity

Over the last week I’ve been given the opportunity to examine my own white privilege and make lasting changes in my own family. With two small children, I know the time is now to make sure they understand just how lucky they are, and learn to be accepting of all people regardless of race. While I am certainly listening and learning more every single day, I do think one of the best ways to start these conversations with young children is by integrating racially diverse toys and books into every day life. The books listed below are ones we own and love. They either feature direct lessons on racial diversity, feature diverse characters, or teach lessons about kindness and standing up for what’s right.

I will never pretend to understand the hardships people of color face daily, but I hope and pray that I am able to raise good human beings that love all people regardless of their differences. This is my small first step in the right direction.

FYI – any commissions made from book sales through the links above will be donated to the Color of Change Education Fund.

For more (and much better) book and toy recommendations check out:

Aside from these books which we already have, I know I would like to add in books that teach about the history surrounding race suppression as well. Please leave me your book (kids and adult!) recommendations and other recommendations for teaching littles in the comments. Never forget to love one another like Jesus loves you. 🖤🤍🤎

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