An Out of Shape Momma’s Peloton Review

For my 31st birthday at the beginning of March, we bought a Peloton. Expensive? Yes. But when you are paying over $120 a month for a gym that you never visit, the price tag starts to look more reasonable. Between work, motherhood, marriage, and running a house; I never made time for the gym and never felt that investing in my health and my body needed to be a priority. That is… until we got our Peloton bike.

After 10 weeks of riding, running, and working out with our Peloton bike and the app, I can say that the program has without a doubt changed my life. I’m going to be totally honest though – I haven’t seen extreme results on the scale and I’m not here to tell you a fairytale story of “getting my body back” after two babies in just 2.5 months of working out. While I have seen substantial changes in my body and my strength, I also know that reaching my goals are going to take much longer. The bike was originally intended for me, but my husband has become deeply obsessed with it as well. Keep reading for all of the ways Peloton has pulled us in and made us better… so far.

The Classes

I have to start out by saying how awesome the classes are. The instructors are engaging, motivating, and encouraging. My husband and I have each found our favorite instructors (Olivia, Emma, and Robin are mine), but every single one of them is amazing. There are classes with every type of music you can think of for whatever mood you are in at the time of your workout. I have found that there are a plethora of classes to appeal to the 30-somethings, like me, and I am soooo here for it. Backstreet Boys Ride? Lizzo Ride? Live DJ Rides? Yes. Yes. And yes. I smile, laugh, and dance through almost every single ride.

Even if you choose not to invest in the bike or the tread itself, the app is still insanely valuable. Classes on the app include strength, yoga, bootcamps, cardio, meditation, stretching, and even outdoor running guidance. All of which are awesome. One of the aspects I love most about the Peloton program is how flexible it is. I do a different workout each day (yes! I’ve actually been working out every single day!). There are also classes ranging from 5 minutes to 90 minutes, so there really is no excuse to not fit in a workout each day.


Before starting workouts on the Peloton, I was miserably out of shape. One workout a month, two babies, and a questionable diet will do that to you. I doubt I could have run a mile straight even if someone was chasing me. Seeing positive changes in my athleticism came from the consistency of my workouts and the competitive nature of the program. Each class has a leaderboard where you can compete against other people taking the same class to get the highest output numbers. You can also compete against your own personal record output. This is super motivating to me and, without a doubt, the main thing that pushes my husband.

Admittedly, it took about eight weeks of consistent workouts and nutrition changes to see improvement in my physical ability. I am beating my output numbers almost every class now, I am able to increase my resistance and cadence numbers, and I just feel so much stronger. The strength I feel during each class puts me on such a high and immediately spikes my mood and confidence. I can also now happily say that I am in good enough shape to run a mile straight even WITHOUT someone chasing me. 🙂


Ok, so now for the stuff we all really care about right? I’ve been trying my hardest not to obsess over the scale, but instead focus on how my clothes are fitting as a gauge for my results. While I have lost some weight, I certainly have more weight loss that I would like to achieve. However, the difference in the way my clothes are fitting is really quite amazing! I’m fitting into clothes I bought over a year ago that were not even remotely close to fitting and I’m down a full size – almost two! Coworkers and friends are also noticing the changes, which is always amazing to hear.

Beyond that, the three changes I’m seeing that I am really proud of are in my diet, my flexibility, and my legs.

  • I haven’t made any drastic changes to my diet and I know I can always do better in this area. Working out often has made me want to eat better and skip that mindless trip to the pantry for a handful of chips. My mindset has changed to – ‘if I’m going to workout hard, I might as well not ruin it with poor nutrition’.
  • My increased flexibility is a change I was not expecting, but have gladly welcomed. I think this is coming from the extra 5 minute stretching classes they encourage you to take after each workout.
  • Finally, I have always struggled with the appearance of my legs, it is one of my biggest insecurities. Besides lifting super hard and heavy, I’ve never found a workout that gives me results in this area of my body. The peloton bike has started to sculpt my legs in just 10 weeks like I never would have imagined and I didn’t even realize I was doing it!

Plus – the absolute best added bonus has been the kids’ reaction to seeing their parents be so active. Ella has even asked to go on runs with me, which is amazing!

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