Quarantine Easter Crafts

So listen, I’m a crafty person. I’ve tried to hide it most of my life given that my mom is the ultimate creative person and I will never make it to her level. But I do love my creative side and I love sharing that with my kids. In normal, working life, I usually have a bunch of craft ideas stored up in my head, but no time or energy to pull them together. Since we’ve been gifted this whole quarantine situation, I’ve been able to make some of it happen. I’ve also been trying to make Easter as extra special as possible since we will be missing all of the fun egg hunts, Easter events, and family gatherings.

Today I have three easy Easter crafts and activities. Two of them you can definitely pull together with things you have on hand. The other one may require a Target pick up outing, but TBH that sounds fantastic right about now.

Sock Bunnies

These were super easy and the kids really enjoyed making them. Both kids were able to basically make them on their own with minimal help from me. They also are both very into “lovies” and stuffed animals so this one was a hit.

We used a pair of old socks from Daddy, twine, ribbon that I had laying around, markers to decorate the faces, scissors, and a pillow. About the pillow – I thought I had batting laying around but I did not. I decided to cut open an old pillow and use the stuffing inside instead of making a trip to the store. You could do this or you could use rice to stuff the bunny as well. I would also suggest an all white sock if you have one.

We stuffed the bunny’s body, tied a piece of twine at the top, stuffed the bunny’s head, and tied another piece of twine. I then cut the remaining sock in two pieces to make ears. I helped them tie on a bow and they decorated the faces with marker however they wanted.

Paper Towel Easter Eggs

This was an easy one for both kids to do on their own while I made lunch. I cut out Easter eggs from paper towels. They decorated them with maker, and then painted over the marker with water. It blended the colors together and made a pretty design. The only thing I would change on this one is to use permanent markers. This could get messy, but our washable markers faded a bit as the paper towel dried. We plan to hang these in our window for the neighborhood to see.

Easter Sensory Box

Here is the one you will likely need to gather some supplies for. I purchased these small Easter items from Hobby Lobby before the world shut down, but I’m linking some very similar Easter trinkets from Target and Walmart below.

I put Easter “grass” in our sensory boxes (the best boxes to contain the mess that comes with sensory boxes) along with small chicks, eggs, and flowers. The kids used tongs and tweezers to find the items and pick them up. Ella also had fun putting the chicks inside the eggs and had them hatch out. Cole did not love the feel of the grass at first, so I hid jelly beans inside for him to find which was very motivating for him and helped him get over his aversion.

Bonus activities on the agenda

Four more activities we will be doing this coming week leading up to Easter:

  • Pin the tail on the bunny – I’ll draw (attempt to draw) a large bunny on butcher’s paper and cut out white circles with tape on the back to make the tails. This will require some time and effort, but my kids have never played this game so I think they will get a kick out of it.
  • Letter Easter egg hunt – I’m going to hide letter cut outs in Easter eggs and have Ella tell me which letter it is when she finds and opens the egg. This one will most likely require some bribery in the form of a popsicle, but I think it will be fun and obviously a great learning opportunity.
  • Painting wooden Easter eggs – Target has these eggs and I’m hoping the kids will be into painting them… I know I will be!
  • Watching kid’s versions of the Easter story on Youtube – we love Easter service at our church and will be very sad to miss it in person this year. I hope to get as much biblical Easter story discussion in with the kids as possible and I’ve found a couple great resources on Youtube.

Please share any Easter ideas you have in the comments below! The more ideas the better over here! And Happy Easter! I hope you have a blessed day at home with your loved ones.

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