Fitting in Time for Reading and How It’s Changed My Life

I’ve been posting my thoughts on the books I read on Instagram for a few months now. I’ve gotten one question several times – How do you read so much with three kids at home? A great question and one I didn’t find an answer to until about a year ago. That is, before I discovered how reading makes me feel and little secrets to fitting it in even when you are insanely busy.

Listen to your books

My trick for getting through books at a faster pace (even with kids in the house) is to “double dip”. Read the book, but also listen to the audio book version at the same time. There is zero time for actual reading during the day with any amount of children around. Even during nap time/quiet time/school time there are a million things to accomplish. The only time I have to read is after bedtime. Knowing myself, if I only read at this opportunity, I would get bored quickly and it would probably take me six months or more to finish one book.

I listen to the Audible version of whatever book I’m reading every chance I can get. If I’m ever in the car by myself, grocery shopping alone, and when I am able to get ready for the day by myself (usually before the kids are awake) I am listening. But mainly, I listen while I do chores. If the kids are watching a show and I’m cleaning the kitchen, I am also listening to my book. Folding laundry means I am also listening to my book. You get the picture! I am in no way neglecting my children BUT if I have an opportunity, I am listening. It keeps me thoroughly invested in my book while also feeling like I am doing something for myself while really doing normal activities. It’s almost like I am escaping into the story line for that short time.

You can also check out audio books through your library, which is something I am moving towards!

Reading after bedtime

We are not huge TV watchers in our house which means after the kids’ bedtime, if we put the TV on, it’s usually just for background noise. Instead of scrolling my phone endlessly, I try to read at least one chapter before bed. Usually my book sucks me in and I end up reading for 30-60 minutes or more. There is something so fulfilling about the feeling of accomplishment you get while reading. I don’t exactly know how to explain it, but somehow I feel more adult when I read before bed. 🙂

Books have changed my life

Finding this passion for reading truly has changed my perspective on so many things. I read almost all fiction, but it always feels like I am reading about real people. It’s made me think differently about those around me, never knowing what someone else is going through. Reading has made me value close friendships after reading about tremendous acts of friendship. It’s made me love my husband even more than I already did after reading about both hard and great relationships. It’s made me strive to be even closer to my family after reading about miraculous situations families have made it through. The books I’ve read have made me both laugh and cry hysterically. Fiction or non, reading has the power to change your soul if you let it.

Books I’ve LOVED

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Please, please leave your book recommendations in the comments for me, along with any other tips on reading! Currently, I just started reading through a bible study for special needs parents that was recommended and that I am very excited about. I also have a classic Nicholas Sparks book on deck. I typically read fiction, but I would love to read good nonfiction and I am always interested in books others have loved!

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  1. Christi R

    I have been trying to read more books too and it definitely makes my life better! The Libby app is awesome for library books! They have audiobooks or books you can read on a device! 📚

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