2020 Easter Basket Haul

Happy Spring time friends! I finished gathering our Easter basket goods a little early so I could share them with you! In this crazy time of Covid-19 and quarantine, I realize spending money looks different for everyone, myself included. Please don’t feel in any way shape or form that you need to deck your Easter basket like these are. Had I been assembling ours now, they would certainly look different.

I like to give mostly things the kids will need for Spring and Summer with a few smaller things they want thrown in. New shoes and a new swimsuit are staples I give every year. Our Easter baskets are from Pottery Barn Kids and the cute bunny name tags are from Paper Lane Design.


Native Shoes | Doorables | Letter Tracing | Swimsuit | Watch | Bubbles | Lite Brite | Ear Muffs | Underwear | Bracelet | Lipgloss | Water Bottle

How fun is this Lite Brite and the other retro games that are coming back? We just picked up Pretty Pretty Princess as well and it was a huge hit! Ella is also a huge fan of Doorables and I love them because they are great restaurant toys for when you’d like to enjoy a meal out with the kids. Lastly, she’s been asking for a watch and I’m excited to see what she thinks about wearing one.


Native Shoes | Name Puzzle | Trash Truck Toy | Bandaids | Bubbles | Hat | Water Wow | Swimsuit | Bathtub Cubes | Goggles | Water Bottle

We have this exact name puzzle for Ella that we gave her a few years ago. She is still using it these days to help learn the spelling of her name. I also am excited to throw in a few more “boy” oriented things like monster bandaids, blue goggles, and a new hat.


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  1. Stephanie Doehler

    I LOVE what you gathered! With two girls, I love these versatile ideas. We already have most of our items too but you’ve definitely given me ideas for the future!

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