2020 Goals

I’m not one for setting New Years resolutions. When I call it a resolution, somehow the pressure to complete it by year end skyrockets and I always give up before I’ve started. This year I’ll be setting four main goals instead; one for myself, one for the kids, one for this blog, and one for the future of my family.

For Myself

This one is pretty self explanatory. I am the absolute worst at carving out time for myself. When my nails have grown out to an embarrassing point, I’d still rather hang with the kids than take the hour to go get them done. This is partly because I work, so my time with the kids is precious, but also partly because I’ve never found a way to push the mom guilt out. I do, however, always feel more grounded and ready to take on the crazy when I make sure to get my me time in. My goal for myself is to officially do one thing per day that is truly for myself. This can be a workout, a beauty appointment, reading a book, or even something as simple as taking a shower. If it brings me joy and doesn’t relate to the kids or the husband, it counts!

For the Kids

My goal for the kids is simply to continue with fun and learning at home. I feel we’ve gotten to a great place with playing with the kids and having them play on their own. Play time no longer seems like such a burden, which was a huge obstacle for me to overcome. They’ve also started to play together on their own, and it’s just about the most amazing thing ever to watch. One thing that’s greatly helped our at home play is just to stay at home. I tend to love taking the kids out to do things almost every day. While it’s more hectic, it’s also easier for me than coming up with one activity at home after another. But, I’ve found the more we stay home, the better they have gotten at using the resources we have for fun. (And the more money I save!)

As we start to prepare Ella for kinder, I’d like to keep up with our at home learning and help her more with letter recognition. More on what we do for learning to come.

For this Space

My goal for this blog is to keep up with posting and stick to the commitment and investment I’ve made for this to be my creative outlet. I’d also like to get better at using my “big camera” and start taking higher quality photos (even though, let’s be honest, iPhone 11 is king). I don’t know yet what my expectation and hope is for the blog yet, but I do know it would be super awesome to inspire other mama’s to celebrate the every day, and of course, craft, craft, craft!

For the Family

Our major goal for 2020 and the future of our family is to take back our lives from the working world. This sounds silly and maybe unreasonable, but let me explain. Currently we feel completely controlled by our jobs and the mom and wife guilt just continues to pile up daily. Trying to juggle it all while also needing to be the main earner in our family is driving me to insanity. Our marriage has suffered and I feel the kids have in some ways suffered as well. I’m a firm believer that if something is not working for you and making you unhappy, it’s on you and you alone to change it. Lucky for me, I have an extremely supportive and understanding hubby by my side. When I came to him wanting to essentially change the way our lives are setup, he was on board with very little initial resistance. 😉 Change is scary no doubt, but I have every faith in the world change is also the best path for us to make our future that much better. Wish us luck as 2020 becomes our year of change!

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