Hanging on to the Babyness – Things I Don’t Want to Forget

Cole is almost 10 months old now, but in a lot of ways he’s acting more like an 18 month old. He’s trying to walk, wants to be very independent, and as Ive mentioned before, weaned himself from nursing. I’ve been so emotional lately with how fast he’s growing. In many ways I feel like I’ve already forgotten much of his newborn and young baby phase. It’s such a blur during those stages (and the whole toddler with a broken leg thing didn’t help – post on that coming soon). It’s easy to take it for granted and let the early months slip by without committing certain things to memory.

So, here are the sweet baby things Cole is currently doing that I want to make sure my future self never forgets:

1. Talking himself to sleep

We sleep trained Cole, so he always gets put in his bed wide awake and puts himself to sleep. As he’s doing that, he rolls around changing out the multiple pacifiers he has in his bed and chats away with himself. It’s the absolute sweetest noise on the planet to hear him talking baby gibberish to himself, first loudly, and then gradually quieter as he drifts off to sleep.

2. Chewing sound effects

Cole started slow with eating, but has become a great eater as time has gone on. He now will eat just about anything you put in front of him and often out-eats his three year old sister. But, he’s somehow adopted the most hilariously cute habit of making “nom-nom” sound effects as he chews. It’s so funny to me, I usually find myself just starting at him while he eats rather than eating my own meal. I probably have 15 videos just of him eating. It makes him seem so serious and like eating is a very important task for him. 😆

3. Bottle time

As I wrote before, when Cole weaned himself from nursing it was devastating to me. I definitely wasn’t ready. But now that time has passed and I’ve been able to come to terms with it all, giving him bottles is still super sweet. He only gets about three bottles a day now which are usually at nap times or bed time. During this time we rock in the chair in his room and he curls his entire body up so he can fit his whole self into my arms and on my lap. He stares up at me and snuggles into me. I know I will miss this in the coming months as he turns one and grows out of bottles.

I really encourage you to take the time to commit things to memory that are happening right now. I keep a notes section in my phone for all of the funny or sweet things Ella has said over the years and I’m just starting one for Cole and the things he does and will say. Every time I add something to the list, I get to have a trip down memory lane for the past items on the list. These sweet times are gone too fast before it’s on to the next stage of life! ❤️

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