Declutter Updates and Setting Habits

Well…. it’s been a minute. And by that I mean two months. 😬 Apparently I have some work to do in the consistency category of this blogging world. I think about writing in these tiny squares all the time but it’s so difficult to actually find the time! Between work, the kids, marriage, and the million other distractions, I loose track of my goals quickly and easily. But that’s the last thing I want for myself!! I’ve been listening to Rachel Hollis on repeat whenever I’m in the car and I’m trying my hardest to adapt some of her advice in setting habits. My first two habits to tackle? Gym life and this little blog right here. Both things that make me feel gooooood (also bad until I get back in to shape, but let’s keep our eyes on the prize).

So, today I want to give an update from my last post – operation declutter. To date I’ve officially organized the pantry, everyone’s closets and dressers, the mud room closet/activity closet, and some of the toys. I still have work to do in the kitchen drawers, “junk” drawer, and the playroom (still looking for inspo here!). But holy moly you guys… does it feel great!!! Now when I open the pantry or get dressed in my closet, I’m no longer frustrated or overwhelmed at the amount of pure stuff we have and the chaos not being organized was bringing my life. It’s made a huge difference in my overall attitude towards our house and made me feel good to donate some of the excess we were living with for no reason. I still have a long way to go and a lot more organizing to do, but the light and freeing feeling I’ve discovered is certainly good motivation.

Now it’s off the gym before work for me! (Its a good day for those habits, right??) I may have laid in bed way too long past my alarm and may now make myself late for work, BUT, I got a blog post in AND got my workout in. And sometimes it’s all about balance. 😃

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