Operation Declutter

Okay, here it is. I’m about to dive in deep. I suspect I’m suffering from some level of postpartum anxiety following the birth of my little man. Yes, my husband and I talk about it often. No, I haven’t seen a professional about it just yet. I feel it’s under control most of the time and I’m working through the issues I feel are triggers. I am in no way saying this is the best, or right way to treat this condition and I fully understand how all-consuming and life-ruining this can be for some women. I certainly don’t want to diminish that.

I believe my two triggers are sleep (or lack of it), and clutter! Ever since Cole was born I find myself frequently wanting to throw away most of the belongings in our house or possibly just burn the house down all together and start over. 😏 I promise I won’t do either of those things, but I am on a serious mission to declutter and organize all aspects of our life. So… first step on this journey is… shopping!! Seems counterintuitive, but I need some inspiration. Heading to the container store and target to buy all the things to help me organize every single area in our entire house and I couldn’t be more excited for this adventure (and a little slice of mommy alone time which is always good for the attitude). I’m new to the organization game. I mean, our house is always seemingly clean and kept-up, but behind the scenes (i.e. in all the closets and drawers) it’s an absolute disaster just waiting to explode all over my sanity. This is how I grew up and so being pseudo-organized has always been my way of life. I think life was always so busy growing up, this just became the norm. I figure our lives are just going to grow busier and busier as the years go on and there is no time like the present to instill our new norm. Wish me luck! I’ll be sharing before and after pics and tips/tricks I pick up along the way over the next few weeks.

P.S. this in no way has anything to do with that new Netflix show – although I should probably watch for some inspo!

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