2021 Easter Basket Haul

Easter is so early this year friends! With just over three weeks to get our acts together, I wanted to share the items I’ve snagged for Easter baskets. I can’t believe I get to put together three baskets this year!! So grateful for that.

I try really hard to include mostly things the kids NEED in their Easter baskets, with a few things they WANT mixed in. I also like to think ahead to Summer and include things they can use for the upcoming warmer months. Bigger items are linked below and I usually grab a few smaller items (like new underwear, bubbles, Target dollar spot items, a book, and a toothbrush) to throw in. Always remember – no matter how much or how little you do for your child’s Easter baskets, you are an AMAZING parent through and through.

We reuse the same Easter baskets every year from Pottery Barn linked here. The personalized green gingham liners are linked here.

Read to the end for a fun Easter egg hunt idea!

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4-6 Year Old Girl Ideas

  • Water Bottle
  • Sandals – I always include shoes the kids need for Summer. This year I got Ella Saltwater sandals, which are great quality, never rub on Ella’s feet, and last all Summer long.
  • Surprise Packs – What four year old girl isn’t into surprise packs!? I went with this pack of three Calico Critter baby surprises.
  • Kid Safe Knives – I know it seems weird to include knives in an Easter basket, but my kids have been so into helping in the kitchen lately they will think these are awesome. I’m going to split this set up between Ella and Cole and probably tie them together with a cute ribbon.
  • Ballerina Doll – A larger doll for older girls that is affordable and super adorable.
  • Mermaid Makeup Brushes – Only $7 for the whole set!
  • Swimsuit – I always include swimsuits! Image above from Sweethoney Clothing.
  • Playdough – Land of Dough makes the most gorgeous playdough cups! Ella’s is the princess cup.
  • Name Chalkboard – A small shop find for practicing name spelling. Image above from Chalk Full of Design.
  • Light up Ribbon Wand
  • Water Balloons – A Summer staple! I’m going to divide up one pack between all three kids’ baskets.

2-4 Year Old Boy Ideas

Baby Ideas

  • Rainbow Teether
  • Swimsuit – Image above from Sweethoney Clothing.
  • Ball Popper
  • Water Balloons – Bryn won’t actually need these (obviously), but the older kids will think it’s pretty cool she got the same thing as them.
  • Bunny – Every baby Easter basket should include a bunny! I love this one with floral ears.
  • Stacking Cups – Such a pretty set and great for Bryn as she gets a bit older.
  • Bows – Baby Bling Bows are a favorite for young babies!
  • Name Chalkboard – Image above from Chalk Full of Design.

Golden Egg Hunt

While shopping the Target Easter section recently, I spotted these golden eggs and I am so in love with them! I’m going to add these into our usual Easter egg hunt to make it even more exciting for the kids. I purchased two of the 10″ size and two of the 5″ size, but there is also an extra big 14″ size! I am going to fill the smaller two with surprise packs and the larger two with sidewalk chalk ($7 for a pack of 60!) and a new sprinkler ($12!) for Summer.

Happy Easter basket shopping!

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