Holiday Printables for Delivery Driver Snacks and Santa!

Delivery Driver Snacks!

As you all most likely know by now, I have done absolutely 100% of my Christmas shopping online this year given that I’m on modified bedrest and restricted to my house. This means that delivery drivers have officially become my favorite people ever in life. I am relying on them so heavily this year even for things like food delivery, groceries, and mail pickups.

Every year I love putting out snacks and drinks for our drivers to keep them going during this crazy season. I know this year especially, many people are shopping online just like me, making their jobs a million times busier than they already were. They are working long hours and this is really the very least I can do to help them out! (Plus, I love seeing what they choose to take.) Click on the printable below to download and print the sign I made (for free) and make your own snack basket! Sign is meant to be folded in half for easy display.

Super Simple Santa Letter!

Every year I make an attempt to have the kids write their letter to Santa. Usually it ends up being mostly me trying to drag answers out of them for what they’d like to ask for and then writing it down myself. They never get super into it themselves. This year, as Ella starts to write more on her own, I knew I wanted something simple she would be able to fill out herself and Cole would also be able to do parts of. After looking around on Etsy and pinterest, I couldn’t find exactly what I was after – so I made one for us and for you!

This letter worked out perfectly with easy answers for Ella to (kind of) fill in and Cole was able to draw his own picture (or scribbles really). Click on the printable below to download and print for your younger kids!

I hope you find these printables useful! I so appreciate each and every one of you for reading and following along! Only 18 days until Christmas!

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