Father’s Day Gifts and Gestures

Father’s Day is in a week and a half and we can’t forget about our guys! I’ve rounded up a list of stylish items, fun games, and practical gifts – most of which you can get in time for June 21st. If your family isn’t big into gift giving, see the gesture ideas you can plan for a special day at the end of this post.


  1. Drill Storage and Charging Station – I think this would be such a cool addition to your guy’s garage! Super functional with room for many tools and also looks really awesome.
  2. Gaming Recliner – My husband has gotten into occasionally gaming or watching cooking shows and relaxing in the basement during his alone time. I knew he could use a comfy chair for that so we got him this chair for Father’s Day this year! It can even be plugged in to massage and isn’t a total eye sore!
  3. Jigsaw Massage Adapter Bits – Connor bought these for himself during quarantine and is obsessed. They plug into your jigsaw to convert it to a deep tissue percussion massager.
  4. Portable Mug Warmer – As many of the guys transition from working from home to working at the office, this portable mug warmer can be used both places. He will be able to step away from his desk and come back to a still warm cup of coffee.
  5. UGG Slippers – My guy has worn these ever since I’ve known him. Perfectly comfortable but could still be worn out for errands.
  6. Kan Jam – We don’t have this game yet, but I’ve been eyeing it forever! Everyone always talks about how much fun it is and you know it will get some use since you will be home most of the Summer this year.
  7. Assortment of Screws – My husband swears by having a set like this around the house. We are always looking for screws or wanting to switch out the cheap hardware that comes with many hanging items. Such a practical gift that he will certainly use.
  8. Slim Fit Chino Pants – Even if you don’t purchase these for a Father’s Day gift, your guy needs these. They are from the Amazon Essentials line and some size/color combos are only $7! I was skeptical when my husband bought these a few weeks ago, but am so impressed with the quality. Great for golf, work, or play.
  9. Wooden Dad Picture Frame – This is a natural wooden frame and would be so cute to let your kiddos paint for daddy. Only $5 and can be found in store as well.
  10. Apple AirPods Pro – My husband absolutely loves his air pods (and so do I!).
  11. Blue Light Blocking Glasses – These glasses help so much to cut down on eye strain and even help you sleep better at the end of a long day of computer work.
  12. Monogrammed Dopp Kit – I think a nice dopp kit is always an excellent gift. I love the color of this one and the monogram.


  1. Make Him a Meal – We always try to make a few of my husband’s favorite meals on Father’s Day and it’s even more special if you “try” to let the kids help!
  2. Yard Work – I know this job typically falls on my husband’s plate, so I think we will try to take over duties for him this year. Mowing, weeding, etc. would be super appreciated.
  3. Handmade Gift – These are always a hit! Last year we painted mugs for the Dads in our lives and this year we are going to go with picture frames.
  4. Plan an Activity They Love – This one is super easy, but if you put some thought into it and really plan it out for Father’s Day I think it would be so special. Maybe plan a hike with a picnic lunch. A movie night with his favorite snacks. Or maybe even just schedule in time for him to take a nap.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing Dads, Grandpas, Step Dads, and Father figures out there. You keep us sane, you put in the hard work, and you help raise our kiddos to be awesome humans.

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