I’m starting a blog. I’m starting a blog!? I never saw myself here. I love reading blogs and admire those that can keep them going, but I certainly never thought a blog would be in my path. It wasn’t until just last week that I started toying with the idea. Why, you ask? I need an outlet. I think we all do! There’s only so many times I can complain to my husband or friends about my lack of sleep and demanding job. Only so many mom friends that truly understand the absolute joy and downright struggle children bring. My goal for this blog is to share those joys and struggles surrounding being a breastfeeding, working, police wife, Christian mom and to hopefully connect with other moms out there to share in their joys and struggles.

My name is Tristina and I’m a wife to Connor, my own personal hero, detective husband. We have two kids – Ella who is a 2-year old, spunky, fiercely independent girly girl. And Cole, the sweetest, easy going, cuddly six month old. I turn 30 this year and it’s really forcing me to take a hard look at the important things in life. I’m excited for this new mindset! But, more on this later… 😊

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